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Featured Sessions

Mini ED Camp by 

Join other learners as you decide, as a group, which presentation you need for your session.  This mini Ed Camp takes meeting the needs of the learner to the next level.  Click the link to see all the sessions this presenter offers.

Integrating STE(A)M In the ELA Learnzillion Classroom

GSuite for Education

Participants will learn cool tools using GSuite for Education and other amazing web 2.0 tools to level up their tech knowledge to improve teaching and learning.

Differentiating Teacher Support (For Coaches/Administrators)

This session will give school leaders different ways to tier teacher support. We will answer the questions:

Who will support the teacher? What support will be given to the teacher? When will we support the teacher? How will we support the teacher?

Just for Pre K - 2 Educators

Session 1 - Science is Sensational with the New Standards - Participants will dig into the new science standards for lower elementary teachers, K - 2.
Session 2 - Make Way for Books - Early Reading - ELA / Literacy: Foundational Skills for PreK - 2nd grades - Participants will delve into teaching the importance of teaching the foundational skills in grades PreK - 2nd.  

"Keep Your Lessons Hot and Your Collar Not"

Effective research based strategies to help teachers keep the heat in their lessons and not get hot under the collar when dealing with undesirable behaviors.

Rereading Complex Text to Develop Understanding 3-5 Guidebooks

Instructional Writing Strategies using the C-E-R Method 

 Using Escape Rooms in the Classroom

 Students are given a scenario and have to use their problem solving skills to open lock boxes with more challenge problems in them. I will explain what the escape classroom lessons are as well as show teachers how to create them using a variety of resources. I will also give teachers tips on how to receive funding for the materials via donors choose. I also have low cost options to show teachers (using manila envelopes and smaller locks) for schools who do not have funds to purchase the materials for lock boxes.

TAP into Backwards Design

In my presentation, I discuss using the backward design model to plan instruction while connecting indicators from the TAP Instructional Rubric.  

Small Groups Your Way

 Learn how to create small group learning at your students’ level. See effective strategies in which students are split into groups according to a number of factors to accomplish a goal, solve a problem, or work on an activity. Try these simple strategies and transfer them immediately in your classroom.

Effectively Presenting Instructional Content

This presentation will focus on the importance of deep diving into curriculum to determine how scholars will be assessed. You must use this information to properly model your content for scholars so they can achieve MASTERY of the daily objective.

Be the Boss Everyone Wants to Work For 

Most new leaders struggle in their first administration role. Majority of the reason is because they have not gone through a formal leadership development/coaching program. This session will provide leaders and/or aspiring leaders with a guide to being successful as a new leader. 

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